Baby Monitor
The monitor will be activated automatically, and gives
warning alarm with flashing light.
Security Camera
It will send you a notification when it catches an abnormal
temperature object’s movement.
Essential Oil Diffuser
BPA-Free ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser humidifier with
adjustable mist mode.
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Customer Reviews

This baby monitor is great! The camera is easily controlled by the parent unit to turn it in any direction. The two way talk feature works great!  The camera came with a mount and was very easy to install. Overall a great choice!

Amy K

This diffuser is one of many my wife has pruchased as she is always diffusing oils throughout the house as well as gifting diffusers to friends and family. This one is great because it does hold 500 ml as advertised. This unit is very quiet and has a very good stream when running.


I am a new mother, and I like that the baby can be independent from a young age, so the baby has a separate room. This camera is amazing.


This camera performs beyond my expectations. I’m really surprised by the camera. Right now I’m doing a lot zoom meetings. A good camera is important for me. Trust me you get a good camera with a good price.


I needed an extra camera for public speaking class! This so far is great! I don't have enough space that is required, but this camera manages to show just enough so that I can properly get full credit! I like that it's small and has a cover!